Revealing 3-Secrets to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Brand!

AMGTCorporate GiftsRevealing 3-Secrets to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Brand!

The rule of 20% customers driving 80% revenue is a well-known rule in the business world. Reduced customer focus and failure to keep up with customer expectations has led to decreased customer loyalty. As customer loyalty dies a slow and painful death, business owners need to step up their customer loyalty programmes.

Imagine having customers fall in love with your brand and vouch for its quality. It does seem too good to be true, doesn’t it? The secrets to make customers fall in love with your brand are exclusively for you to know. Read along to know more.

Customer Loyalty – What it means for your Business?

Businesses can ensure that customers forge deep and emotional bonds with their brands, similar to the telepathic bonds we share with people.

No wonder studies have concluded that 75% of buying experiences are based on emotion. People do not always invest on your brand for logical reasons, but are often driven by emotional factors.

Here are the Top 3 Secrets to Make Customers Fall in Love with your Brand!

Business owners could connect with their customers on a deeper level, rather than sharing short-term relationships with them. Want to make your customers vouch for your brand and become brand evangelists in turn? Read along to unravel these amazing secrets:

Secret 1: Excellent Customer Experiences

Businesses that focused on providing superior customer experiences witnessed a 10-15% increase in revenue, along with 20% increase in customer satisfaction. With excellent customer experiences, you can truly win a loyal clientele!

Excellent customer experience comprises of the following factors:

  • Custom customer experiences
  • Amazing customer service
  • Ongoing support and offers
  • Excellent communication
  • Quick resolution of problems

Secret 2: Building Deeper Customer Relationships

Genesys Report has revealed that businesses lose an annual value of approximately $289 for every abandoned customer relationship.

Nurturing your relationships with customers and prospects through meaningful engagement is indispensable for every business. Let your customers not be a part of the 68% customers who leave because the business cares about them no more. Nurture their love for your brand and be in etched in their hearts forever by strengthening your customer relationships.

Secret 3: Corporate Gifting to Reward Loyal Customers

Want your customers to be your brand advocates? Reward their loyalty towards your brand with amazing corporate gifting solutions! You’d be surprised to know that 62% customers believe that the brands, towards which they’re most loyal, are not doing enough to reward them!

You could also offer exciting discounts or offers to keep your customers engaged with your brand for longer period of time. Here’s how rewarding your customers could benefit you:

  • Brand promotion and marketing by enhancing brand recall.
  • Emotional connect with your customers, with relevance and by personalization
  • Create unique impression on the minds of your clients
  • Keep love of your clients towards your brand alive

Research has revealed that if rewards could be shared, 70% of the customers would shop more often and 45% would spend more. It is important to add a personal touch to your client relationships, which could help in strengthening your bonds and reap rich rewards!

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Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. You can also get in touch with reliable corporate gifting experts, who could suggest out-of-the-box ideas to give your client relationships a strong boost!


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