10 Common Mistakes That Almost Every Brand Makes While Selecting Corporate Gifts

AMGTCorporate Gifts10 Common Mistakes That Almost Every Brand Makes While Selecting Corporate Gifts

Knowing that you’ve made someone’s day and brought a smile to their face is a reward in itself… But what if you could reap further benefits by making your clients happy? That feeling would be unparalleled indeed.

Pros of corporate gifting for relationship-building exceed its costs, which makes Corporate gifting a serious business. Studies reveal that gifting doubles your likelihood to be contacted by recipients.

Are You Making The Right Corporate Gifting Choices?

It is easy to go wrong with Corporate Gifting, and skip planning. Most businesses tend to take Corporate Gifting casually, without considering essential elements. This not only reduces their likelihood of striking the cord with their prospects, but does them more harm than good.

If you haven’t questioned your corporate gifting choices, it is time to question them now. What are you doing to maximize your ROI with corporate gifting? Is it truly benefiting you?

Here’s a lowdown on 10 common mistakes made by every brand while selecting gifts for their prospects:

#1. Seeing Gifting As An Incentive Program

Isn’t it tempting to view gifting as an incentive program that could motivate your recipients in one way or the other? We agree it is, but customers these days are smart. They can make out when they’re being lured. In order to reap benefits, you need to look at gifting as a subtle process of relationship-building.

#2. Taking Uninformed, Spontaneous Decisions

Flying blind in today’s data-driven world should be considered an offense already 🙂

We take a lot of pain in extracting insights and drilling down into customer behavior that impact purchases… But are we really making the same efforts while choosing gifts for them? When you can get an insight into purchase decisions of your customers, analyzing their interests shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Small efforts in understanding what your customers would like could go a long way in cementing a strong relationship with them. Make informed decisions that take your customers’ interests into consideration.

#3. Not Giving Attention To Packaging

The best gifts are not necessarily expensive, but the ones presented well. It is not always about the cost of your gifts, but the way you present them. Gifting small giveaways such as caps, pens, arm bands, keychains or watches could also help you get noticed easily.
Even the most expensive gifts land in wet porches or hot patios. All your efforts hence, go in vain! It is essential to ensure strong packaging, which can grapple any weather and stay strong when conveying your heartfelt message to your prospects! Stay relevant – a simple non-woven eco-friendly bag could achieve much more mileage and yet cost minimal.

#4. Paying Little Attention To Timing

A little thought into the timing could strengthen your relationship with clients or prospects. It is important to time your gifts. What use would your gifts for Eid be, if they reach your clients weeks later? Pay attention to when you’re sending your gifts and track when your clients would receive your gifts.

It would be better however, to refrain from giving gifts during bidding processes. It could appear more as an incentive program, rather than a subtle tool for relationship-building. A multi-purpose folding seat presented just before the camping season starts could do wonders to your Brand that is printed on it.

#5. Undervaluing Personality Of Your Brand

Would you choose flashy gifts for your customers, when your business stands for simplicity? Would you choose generic gifts for your customers, when your sales collaterals speak of custom products and services?

You need to ask yourself if the ethos of your company reflect in your gift choices. Choose gifts that are indicative of your vision, mission and values. Connect with your prospects with gifts that represent you in the right manner.

#6. Disregarding Occasions When Gifting

Often businesses forgo important events in the lives of their prospects, which can cost them dearly. You can come up with appropriate gifts for Ramadan, Eid, New Year or personal gifts for birthdays and work anniversaries.

Sending heartfelt gifts for special occasions in the lives of your clients indicates your efforts for remembering their special occasions. This makes your prospects feel valued.

#7. Picking Forgettable Gifts With Little Utility

Why would you like to invest your time and money on a giveaway that finds place for itself in a dusty corner of your client’s office or home? Would it help your brand recall? We do not think so.

In this age of Analytics and Insights, tracking your customer’s interests couldn’t be too hard. Picking a gift that resonates with their needs and emotions could be a thoughtful decision. Choose useful items your clients would love!

Have tech-savvy clients? Gift them USB sticks, iPhone wireless chargers, LED devices, Bluetooth speakers or wearables that they would love. Likewise gift them cookware, indoor plants, home décor items or photo frames if they’re more inclined towards their home.

Choosing personalized gifts could be a good way to make place for your brand in their hearts forever.

#8. Forgetting Appropriateness Of Your Gifts

When choosing gifts, it is easy to get carried away and forget the appropriateness. Many businesses end up sending extremely personal gifts that are not well-received by clients. It is essential to strike the right balance with your gifts and make your customers happy.

You would also need to consider the socio-cultural scenario, when sending gifts to your clients. A little research about the geographical area would help you understand your target audiences better.

#9. Inconsistencies With Corporate Gifting

Being inconsistent with your gifts could be a major mistake in your gift-giving strategy. It is like playing with emotions of your clients, who anticipate a warm message from you, and may get infuriated to not receive it from you. Stick to a consistent gift giving strategy that cheers up your prospects and brings a smile on their face.

#10. Failing To Come Up With Innovative Ideas

Corporate gift giving could be a great way to unleash your creativity and win hearts of your employees. Most businesses stick to the same, repetitive gift giving format that does them no good. This leads to a monotony and even sends a wrong message to your clients.

Being innovative with your gifts could be a good way to represent your brand creatively and prove your creative mettle before your clients.

Corporate gift-giving could be a beautiful way to strengthen your relationship, but even the smallest mistake could be a nosedive for the goodwill of your business. Businesses succeeding in corporate gifting enjoy fruitful and long-lasting relationships with their clients.

Want to be such a business? If yes, consider partnering with reliable Corporate Gifting solution providers in Dubai who can help you choose amazing gifts for your clients and prospects. We’d love to know of your corporate gift-giving experiences. Share them with us through your comments!

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