Let Employees Splurge on Coffee for Better Office Productivity

AMGTOffice Pantry SuppliesLet Employees Splurge on Coffee for Better Office Productivity

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”

― Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes


Most of us share an inexplicable relationship with coffee. Think about it… Didn’t get a good night’s sleep? Not in the best shape? Want to get a lot of stuff done? Feeling little low? Imagine how a delightful little cup of coffee puts all your woes to rest with its scintillating smell and amazing taste!

We can agree to describe coffee as a wonder drink that can solve all problems. So could this amazing drink boost employee productivity too? Find out.

Greater Productivity At Work With Just A Cup Of Coffee!

Professionals in nearly all industries and fields such as marketing, medical, human resources, sales, technical, research, creative, public relations, food and teaching are dependent on coffee for their productivity.

46% workers believe that not drinking coffee impacts their productivity adversely. The caffeine in your coffee is a psychoactive stimulant that blocks adenosine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This results in the conglomeration of various chemicals and neurons to boost your energy, memory and cognitive functioning.

The employees of a digital agency – Enviable Workplace participated in an experiment where the effects of coffee were tested on employees. The results of a week without drinking coffee were compared with results of a week with regular coffee consumption. It was noted that the team faced 27% more anxiety without coffee.

When compared to a week without coffee, employee productivity rose to 19% in the week where coffee consumption was normal. An increase of 18% in motivation was observed with regular coffee consumption, while mood elevated by 15% and there was a 6% increase in concentration.

Do these results motivate you to work towards employee productivity in your workplace? If yes, here are some creative ways to boost employee productivity at work with a cup of amazing coffee!

Gift Personalized Coffee Mugs to Employees

What could be a warmer way to welcome new employees to your office than gifting a beautiful, personalized coffee mug? Instead of opting for regular coffee mugs, choose custom coffee mugs that bear names of your employees or perhaps, a positive quote to encourage them. You could also consider gifting them mugs that bear their pictures, if you wish to spread beautiful smiles in your office.

Increase Productivity with More Coffee Breaks

Researchers believe that coffee breaks present employees with a unique opportunity to come up with creative ideas and practical work solutions. 84% workers believe coffee breaks to be indispensable for a smoother work day. It is important to note however, that permitting coffee breaks is essential but dictating when to take them is not!

Brainstorm over Coffee!

There have been studies to show that 90% decision-makers and 85% employees believe that quality coffee and tea can contribute to increased productivity and morale. Wandering minds can garner some of the best creativity and brightest ideas. What better times to let your mind wander than on a coffee break!

Provide a Steaming Cuppa Joe in Office

Want to keep your office motivated and energized? Give them the cup of coffee they truly deserve! 22% employees will spend an average of 14-20 minutes a day outside office if they’re not provided with tea or coffee in-house. This could have a negative impact on employee productivity.

Partner with best coffee providers to arrange for a steaming cup of coffee for cheering up your employees in the best manner. Spread smiles in your workplace and you’d soon find your employees reciprocating the gesture with greater productivity and greater loyalty.

Your employees need to enjoy a hearty beverage break, whether tea, coffee or green tea. Get in touch with reliable office pantry suppliers to meet the needs of your office, while also catering to your brewing needs in office.
Have some inspiring beverage break stories in your office to share? Let us know in your comments below!

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