5 Ways: How Corporate Gifts Can Step Up Your Marketing Plan?

AMGTCorporate Gifts5 Ways: How Corporate Gifts Can Step Up Your Marketing Plan?

Increasing competition calls for stronger marketing strategies that lead businesses to victory. But how can you carve a niche for yourself in this fiercely competitive business-world? Perhaps some out-of-the-box thinking, accompanied with a winning strategy can be of help.

So do you seek an effective and subtle marketing strategy that helps you realize your dreams and attain your goals? If yes, we are here to reveal a life-changing idea that should be a part of your marketing plan, at all times.

Getting to the Root Cause – Why Businesses Fail?

It is imperative to cautiously analyze your present situation before reaching a conclusion. Let’s delve into the basics of why 80% businesses fail each year, so that we do not repeat the same mistakes. Businesses fail because:

  • Most business interactions are accompanied by generic exchange of contact information
  • Dismissing customer centricity, sticking to consumer-focused solutions
  • Corporate mortality on rise
  • Over-reliance on past success, not much effort for future
  • Lack of innovation
  • High cost of customer acquisition
  • Lack customer retention/loyalty ideas

Corporate Marketing – The Much-Needed Disruption!

“We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost!”

Remember the sad, heart-breaking words uttered by CEO of Nokia at a press conference announcing its acquisition? Despite being a respectable company, Nokia lost because of its failure to catch up with changing times. This deprived them of big opportunities, learnings and necessary changes.

Let’s not be left behind in the endless race… We need to catch up and disrupt marketing with innovation. It is time to include Corporate Marketing in your marketing plan. Want to know why Corporate Gifting should be added to your Marketing Plan for sure? Find out.

#1. Enhance Positive Brand Impact with Corporate Gifts!

Research has shown that nearly 56% surveyed customers said that their impression of a company improved on receiving a corporate gift!

Studies back the notion that receiving a corporate gift from a company conjures up happy thoughts and positive emotions towards the brand in customer’s minds. Why not leave a lasting impression on the client’s mind, with this simple strategy? It is indeed time to stand out in a crowded marketplace!

#2. Build Stronger Relationships & Increase Customer Loyalty

Giving corporate gifts externally helps clients associate with brand image, which strengthens the relationship between the brand and its customers. Customers love to know that they’re cared for; and this simple gesture goes a long way in enhancing customer loyalty. Most customers even become evangelists for your brands, and go on to spread the good word.

Scientific research backs the belief that a personalized gifts that stimulate gratitude keep customers loyal. If customer is genuinely grateful, there is a stronger chance they’d remain loyal.

#3. Incentivize customers to Generate Leads

Did you know that 90% of customer purchasing decisions are driven by emotion? Somewhere, we know that the simplest way to generate leads is to incentivize people. Corporate gifts and promotional products is a powerful strategy to generate leads and make customers become your brand evangelists in turn.

Often this results in repeat purchases, and stronger business relationships! Why let go of this amazing opportunity? Devise some corporate gifting strategies that could ensure stronger marketing plans.

#4. Cost-Effective Strategy for Increasing Brand Recall

A corporate gift could be a thoughtful token that reflects a brand’s love for its customers. But did you think it could work well as a cost-effective marketing strategy? If not, here’s why corporate gifting could be a wonderful, cost-effective strategy for increasing brand recall:

  • Longer Lifespan – 87% of the surveyed participants said that they kept the gift with them for more than a year. Impact of a Corporate Gift lasts longer than a brief glimpse at a poster, flyer or ad.
  • Stronger Brand Recall – Imagine a one-time investment that gives you a brand recall for nearly 1 year! 66% participants surveyed claimed they could recall the brand on the Corporate Gift received in the past 1 year!
  • Less Intrusion, More Impact – Most expensive publicity campaigns and advertisements involve annoying intrusion that puts off a large number of people. You could experience the joy of giving without annoying, and rather delighting people, with corporate gifts!

#5. Spreading Happiness On Important Occasions

Experience the joy of spreading happiness with the help of Corporate Gifts that make special occasions all the more special for your customers, employees and valued partners. You can gift smiles to them all on special occasions like Ramadan, New Year’s, Eid and Thanksgiving.

Are your customers technologically inclined? If yes, choose from these corporate gift ideas such as USB sticks, wearable devices, iPhone holders, Bluetooth speakers or LED torch. Want to go for more home-oriented options? Indoor plants, cookware or home-décor items could bring broad smiles to their faces.

You can even spread goodwill with your customers & employees with giveaways such as executive pens, watches, caps, shirts, arm bands or custom Ramadan gifts that would surely make waves!

Do you want to enjoy perks of Corporate Gifts? Breathe new life into your marketing strategies by getting in touch with reliable Corporate Gifting experts in Dubai who’d fix your branding in the hearts of your customers.
We’d love to help you address challenges you face when picking an appropriate gifting option for your clients. Let us know your challenges and how you intend to make corporate gifting a strong marketing strategy for your brand!

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