3 Sure Shot Ways To Connect With Employee And Win Their Hearts!

AMGTOffice Pantry Supplies3 Sure Shot Ways To Connect With Employee And Win Their Hearts!

Imagine walking to your office and witnessing the following:

  • Be greeted by highly enthusiastic teams exhibiting massive discretionary efforts
  • Happy smiles of dedicated employees with massive emotional commitment
  • Loyal employees whose goals are perfectly aligned with your business objectives
  • The contagious excitement of your engaged employee rubbing off on customers, thereby generating sales
  • A happy workplace that motivates you to reach greater heights

Are you now ready to walk back into the real world again? You can bring this conjured up imagination to life, and perhaps even start today… Want to know how? We’re uncovering the secrets to connect with employees and win their hearts!

Impact of Employee Engagement on Business

Highly engaged employees are 38% more likely to have above-average productivity, resulting in greater profits, better services, more safety, greater retention and increased sales. With better productivity, employees ensure amazing customer experiences that have a positive impact on customer satisfaction rates.

The evolution of processes along with greater customer cognizance has hence, resulted in convergence of customer satisfaction with employee engagement. This means businesses with employees who are not as engaged as they ought to be, are losing out exciting opportunities.

How to Engage Employees Effectively?

Barrels of ink have been spilled over importance of employee engagement in businesses. Despite being widely discussed, 51% employees are not engaged with their companies.

Recall the feedback forms you asked employees to fill for you, in the name of employee engagement? In today’s fast-paced digital times, those methods are fast becoming obsolete! You need to act now, to engage your employees effectively and connect with them on a deeper level.

Bring your employee engagement dreams to life by winning over your employees with these effective ideas:

#1. Articulating Clear Vision To Employees

The past few years have witnessed a shift in the mindset of employees. Want to know how it helps foster employee engagement? Here are some answers:

  • Result-Oriented Performance – This would help your employees align your objective with their own goals, and deliver a result-oriented performance. Having a clarity about the company’s vision gives employees a sense of empowerment that help your employees give a power-packed performance.
  • Help Employees Understand Their Role – Communicating your vision will help employees understand the importance of their role. It would help them develop an emotional commitment towards the company’s goals and take your dreams towards fruition.
  • Enhance Customer Experience – An employee who understands his or her contribution towards enhancing customer experiences is more engaged. Engaged employees work better than employees who consider their work as a part of their regular chores.

Employees today need to be clear about what you’re trying to do and why are you trying to do it. Communicating a clear vision is an integral step towards establishing stronger relationships with your employees.

#2. Empower Employees By Collaboration

Over time, cognitive overload causes disengagement and makes employees dislike their work. You can change that by supporting your employees in the right manner. Stop creating tension unknowingly by expecting your employees to behave in a particular manner.

You need to stimulate engagement by making efforts from your end too. By truly empowering your employees, you can help them:

  • Build Confidence
  • Face challenges effectively
  • Discover their potential
  • Improve consistencies

Encourage employees to be their authentic selves, in order to boost engagement and enhance productivity. Try to get to know them in a better manner, and detect their capabilities. Partner with them to help them work on their weaknesses, and put them in positions of influence.

#3. Reward Your Employees

Studies have revealed that companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%. It is hence all the more important to implement strategies that ensure a happy and productive workplace. One of the best ways to ensure better productivity and greater happiness at your workplace is to reward your employees. Your rewards program can be customized and tailored to the needs of your customers. Some of the best ways to reward your employees include:

  • Eating Out – You can organize a pizza party, a lunch or dinner from time to time to boost happiness and foster stronger relations with your employees.
  • Celebrate Special Occasions – Make birthdays or work anniversaries special. You can be a part of their celebrations and spend some time trying to learn more about them.
  • Comfortable Offices – A functional office with good appliances and supplies could be more rewarding for your employees than you think! You could install a coffee machine or have some additional perks for your employees.
  • Corporate Gifts – Express gratitude to your employees with thoughtful corporate gifts that will make your employees’ day. You could gift small tokens of appreciation to your employees, which makes them feel loved and appreciated.

It doesn’t always take a Herculean effort to laud your employees and engage with them. Small gestures of appreciation go a long way in establishing stronger employee engagement. Win the hearts of your employees by gifting them something special, which they’d cherish for life.

Want to make your employees feel more loved and appreciated? You can pick awesome giveaways that infuse positive vibes into your office and help you boost the morale of your employees.
You’d be amazed to see how your smallest actions make your employees love you more. We’d love to hear about your stories of fostering better employee engagement. Share them with us through your comments below, and we’d love to read them!


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